Halifax, NS    P:902.448.7079    E:info@kristaleger.com


Born in Canada and raised in South Florida, with a BFA in Photography from Barry University, Krista has travelled the world and has no intention of stopping. Charlie, her non-human companion, exuberantly follows her everywhere with the type of glee normally reserved for people looking at pictures of cats. (Which she doesn't understand in the least.)

Specializing in photographs of food, architectural elements and products, Krista generally sticks to photos of things that have a human element to them, rather than actual humans.

She loves stormy seas, throwing frisbees at her dog's face in vague attempts to teach her how to be more of a dog, and never cooking something the same way twice.

Krista is permanently attached to her iPhone, so feel free to message her, email or otherwise spam her with project ideas.


P: 902.448.7079

E: info@kristaleger.com

T: @gerlek

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